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Behind the scenes: Breaking Dawn — Part 2

SheKnows has tracked down a behind-the-scenes clip to tide over Twi-Hard fans ’til the new movie drops in a few weeks.

If dogs are a man’s best friends, then werewolves must be a vampire’s.

Despite their shaky past, the Cullens have to call in backup from their four-legged neighbors, as well as the world of vampire clans, when the Volturi targets young Renesmee, setting the stage for a cataclysmic showdown hitting theaters Nov. 16.

You already know all of this, though. The books are probably on repeat in your mind as you count the hours, waiting to see all the action come to life on the big screen once and for all.

So let me bring something new to the table.

That’s right. What if I could tell you I managed to snag a sneak peek, complete with footage from the film and some behind-the-scenes insight from all your favorite, fanged stars?

Sure, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson might not be so timelessly in love off stage these days, but everything looks solid in the world of Twilight.

At least you’ve got that. As if being a part of a huge motion picture adventure weren’t rad enough, how awesome do those zip lines look?

Enough of my rambling. I won’t stall this anymore. Check out the clip below, and enjoy a few moments behind red eyes.

Image Courtesy Of Summit Films

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