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Chicago Fire‘s 5 smokin’ firefighters

Chicago Fire has a lot to love. There are awesome fires, intense drama, goofball pranks, and hotties galore. Since it’s television, everyone at the firehouse is easy on the eyes. But everyone has favorites, right?

Chicago Fire

In an effort to get you through the early week, here are five of the hottest guys on Chicago Fire. (In no particular order.) Feel free to use one of these faces when you’re having your Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies! Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Anyone who’s ever watched an episode of House M.D. probably began by swooning over the blond, accented beauty that was Robert Chase. Jesse Spencer had us before the first commercial break, and we never could quite pry ourselves from those gorgeous blue eyes. He chopped off all of his hair for the role of Matthew Casey. But this Australian actor is so much more than his hair. Did we mention he has an accent?

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Taylor Kinney

Taylor Kinney

Kinney’s hotness isn’t a new thing. Women have been swooning over him since he first appeared on Fashion House. Then he got naked on Shameless and we were hooked. His role on Chicago Fire is as Kelly Severide. Severide is a member of the special rescue team at the firehouse. He’s got a head that is as big as a firetruck but, since he can dash into burning homes and scuba search a river, it’s understandable. Severide might take steroids, too. Only time (and future episodes) will tell.

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Charlie Barnett

Charlie Barnett

Everyone loves an ambitious rookie and Barnett’s character, Peter Mills, is definitely ambitious. He shows up on the first day boasting about how he wants to be on the special rescue team and ends up hosting a bunch of schoolchildren on a tour of the firehouse. Barnett is still pretty fresh in Hollywood. However, he’s a Juilliard School graduate, so he’s well-trained. Expect to see much more of this adorable Floridian.

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William Smillie

Like a few of other actors on Chicago Fire, Smillie is actually from Chicago. That means (his character) Hadley’s accent is probably the real deal. Smillie went to college to study history, first. Thankfully, he decided to pursue acting instead. Whether he’s actually Irish, who knows, but he exudes Irish-boy charm with his ginger hair, pale eyes, and dimpled smirk. He’s built, too! Fire or no fire, I’d fling myself into those arms.

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Randy Flagler

Can we say “yum?” Flagler looks like a guy you’d find in an FDNY 2013 calendar. It also wouldn’t be surprising to see him in desert camouflage jumping out of a humvee. He just looks like a hero and, during his time as an actor, he’s played that role multiple times. His new character, Capp, is exactly the same. Finding Capp at the top of the ladder would, without a doubt, be the highlight of a house fire.

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Photo credits: Sandro/NBC

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