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Nashville is back: Will Rayna and Juliette face off?

Nashville is back for its second episode! Sneak peeks have been hard to find, but we’ve got a few tidbits and predictions for you. We also have info on how you can catch the pilot, in case you missed it the first time.

Nashville Key Art

Just like in the real Nashville, the city stops for no one.

On the next episode, it looks like things get a little dirtier. Rayna’s (Connie Britton) past is suddenly under a microscope when the investigations start for Teddy’s mayoral race. All the while, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) continues to pursue the handsome and much older Deacon. She wants to write a song with him, steal him for her bandleader and lead him to her bed in the process. While Deacon is busy with Juliette, America’s favorite crossover sensation, he doesn’t have time to keep up with his niece, Scarlett. Now that she’s tasted life in the limelight, she’s having a hard time choosing between “Chasing That Neon Rainbow” on her own or sticking by her boyfriend, Avery.

Nashville star Clare Bowen

When we last left Nashville, things were just steaming up. Rayna felt betrayed by Teddy, who fell for Rayna’s father’s conniving plan and decided to run for mayor of Nashville. Meanwhile, Juliette was climbing onto the lap of Deacon, Rayna’s longtime bandleader, former lover and possible father of one of her daughters. Then there was pretty little Scarlett (Clare Bowen). She followed her boyfriend and wannabe star, Avery, to Nashville, but quickly found herself on The Bluebird Cafe‘s stage with Gunnar (Sam Palladio). At the back of the building: the legendary Watty White.

As it should be, all the songs featured on Nashville were decent. The stand-out performance came from neither Juliette nor Rayna, though. Scarlett and Gunnar’s duet at The Bluebird was breathtaking. Easily the most successful song from the pilot.

The last few moments of the first episode featured Rayna’s friend and mentor, Watty White, calling her from the back of the cafe. He urged her to listen to Scarlett and Gunnar, then promised he had an idea. Rayna had already met Scarlet when Uncle Deacon introduced them. However, she has no idea that pretty voice belongs to her bandleader’s niece. If Watty has anything to do with it, she’ll find out soon enough.

If you haven’t seen the pilot yet and want to catch up before tonight’s second episode, it’s available on

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