Ryan Lochte's 30 Rock sneak peek

Oct 16, 2012 at 11:51 p.m. ET

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte will guest-star on 30 Rock this week. The show will be hilarious, as always. Even funnier, though, is Lochte's interview to promote the episode.

Ryan LochteThe show 30 Rock won't even air until Thursday, but it has already pulled its funniest stunt yet.

This week's episode features a very special guest: Olympic gold medalist, Ryan Lochte. However, that's only the beginning of the joke.

During the episode, Jack (Alec Baldwin) finds out his most recent lover keeps more than one guy in her back pocket. Jack might be most surprised to find out he's playing in the same dating league as the one and only Ryan Lochte. When Jack runs into Serena on the street, she's with a shirtless Lochte.

"He's my sex idiot," she explains.

You might think that's the punchline: Ryan Lochte plays himself, a "sex idiot."

It gets even better, though! 30 Rock just released a few exclusive clips, including an interview with Lochte.

At multiple times in the one-minute clip, Lochte explains his part as the sex idiot. No matter how many times he says it, the University of Florida graduate never seems to fully latch onto the irony of the words coming from his beautiful mouth.

After explaining that he's playing the sex idiot, he adds,"But, I get to play myself. I get to play just Ryan Lochte. So, it's not too much acting that I have to do."

Watch and try not to snicker.

Don't get me wrong — I love Lochte, "ex"-specially when he takes off his shirt. But, someone really needs to tell him to stop talking.

30 Rock (with Ryan Lochte) airs Thursday and might just be the highlight of the show's final season.

Image courtesy of WENN.com