The Walking Dead‘s Rick is ‘going to the dark side’

The Walking Dead is about to kick it up a notch. If you thought Sunday’s premiere was exciting, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Headliner Andrew Lincoln teases a new and improved Rick Grimes.

Andrew Lincoln

Last weekend was all about The Walking Dead. The AMC series returned for its third season with a record-breaking premiere. Prior to that, the cast and crew made an appearance at this year’s New York Comic Con.

It was there that we learned about a major character shift. In Season 2, the audience saw a very conflicted Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). He was the unofficial leader of the group but unable to take the necessary steps to keep them safe. After experiencing his fair share of loss, including the death of his best friend, Rick’s a new man.

Lincoln told the NYCC crowd, “It’s been pretty intense this season. I made the fatal error this year of going into the writers’ room and saying, ‘What do you think Rick’s breaking point is?’ Well, that’s the worst thing I could have said. We find out this season… He’s going to the dark side.”

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His darkness was evident in the Season 3 premiere. He was colder, but more efficient. And Rick isn’t the only one experiencing a rebirth. Daryl Dixon, the former outsider with a crossbow, has moved up in the ranks. He’s become Rick’s enforcer and is practically second in command.

According to his portrayer Norman Reedus, “I think Daryl feels value in these people relying on him. I think this is his new family and he’d do anything to keep them alive. He’s more sensitive and more aggressive at the same time.”

Both Rick and Daryl will be put to the test when they encounter this season’s big bad: The Governor. The infamous comic book villain won’t be the only person causing problems, though: Daryl’s older, one-handed brother Merle will also join the party.

Are you excited for The Walking Dead’s new dynamic duo?

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