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Fright-night with Paranormal Activity 4‘s Katie Featherston

From damsel in distress to creepy villain, Paranormal Activity 4 star Katie Featherston can play it all with fearless female power. Check out what the actress told SheKnows about the latest installment in this long-legged horror franchise.

Katie Featherston

Horror movies don’t usually track well with female audiences, but there’s something about the Paranormal Activity films that women go crazy for. We asked Katie why she thinks these films are so popular.

“If I had to guess, women are pretty intelligent,” Katie said firmly. “We’ve all seen movies with lots of blood, guts and gore, and I do like some of those films. But the Paranormal Activity films rely more on the audience’s imagination. Basically, women are really good at filling in the gaps to create scares that creep under the skin.

We asked Katie what to expect from film No. 4. She said, “There are some pretty big unanswered questions about the characters that audiences have grown attached to over the years. Let’s just say you should expect an incredibly frightening experience at the movie theater.”

When asked if she believed in ghosts, she paused for a moment, then explained, “I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about that kind of stuff, but there are plenty of things in the world that are unexplained, so who knows?”

Paranormal Activity 4

About playing a character possessed by a demon, Katie was excited to tell SheKnows that it’s, “Weird and fun. It’s really great to play a character who started out as a damsel in distress and is now the villain. To play this type of range in a character is a really unique experience.”

Of course everyone wants to know if there will be a Paranormal Activity 5.

 “I don’t know,” Katie said. “Audiences would have to still be excited about the Paranormal Activity movies. I haven’t heard any thing about it yet, but I’d be super-excited to hear about it on the internet.”

Considering Halloween is just around the corner, we asked Katie about her costume choice. She said, “I was deciding between two costume ideas, but I think I just made up my mind. I have a pretty blue dress and crown and I’m going to be Kate Middleton!”

But we had to clarify, will she be dressing up as the regular Kate Middleton or Kate possessed by a demon?

“No,” she said. “Just the regular Kate.” So, folks in Los Angeles, if you see the Duchess walking around, it may be Katie Featherston!

The actress also confesses her favorite Halloween candy of all time are miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups. Yum!

As for the future, Katie is interested in expanding out of the horror genre and says, “I’d love to do some comedy and really dig my toes into some great comedic parts.” 

Paranormal Activity 4 opens this Friday, Oct. 19!

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