Holly Madison's boobs & baby bump make public debut

Oct 15, 2012 at 9:15 p.m. ET

Holly Madison is pregnant with her first child, but we don't see much of a belly on her. We can totally tell when we look at her boobs, though.

Holly Madison is mega pregnant

Former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison is five months' pregnant, but you'd never know it judging from the outfit she wore to the Forever Home Family Picnic in Las Vegas over the weekend.

What we do notice? Her boobs. Seriously... those things are huge.

Hef's former main squeeze announced her pregnancy — the first for her and boyfriend Pasquale Rotella — in August. So, how's pregnancy been for the first-time mom?

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"It's actually easier than I thought," the 33-year-old told E! News. "I haven't had any of the crazy side effects... No morning sickness or anything yet. So I've been lucky!"

She even has healthy cravings.

"I crave blueberries all the time," Madison confessed. "So I'm making blueberry muffins and blueberry smoothies, so knock on wood my cravings stay healthy."

Not that she doesn't want the bad stuff, though. The Peepshow star told US Weekly that she instructed the BF to keep her from delving into sweets face-first.

"I told [Pasquale] no food-craving runs in the middle of the night! No chocolate cake!" she said in August. "I don't want to let myself go, then have a tough time getting back into shape. I try to eat vegetable and fruit smoothies."

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Workouts are easy and simple, she said.

"I've [always] hated cardio and the only things I ever liked at all were yoga and Pilates, so now I get the yoga videos in, and they're super mellow," she added to US Weekly. "To a workout freak, they'd probably be like, 'This is so stupid, this isn't even a workout.' But I'm loving it! It's right at my pace."

Not everything is all rosy, though: Rotella is facing almost 14 years in prison stemming from federal charges of bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy and conflict of interest. He's denying any wrongdoing, and his lawyers have said that the charges are "politically motivated and publicity driven. Mr. Rotella will vigorously defend himself to clear his good name and looks forward to being completely vindicated."

Image courtesy of DJDM/WENN.com