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Playing for Keeps movie stills

Gerard Butler laces up his Adidas for a homely stroll through small-town America in search of a life and son he’s left behind. Sorry, soccer moms, it appears Jessica Biel, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Uma Thurman have already called first dibs.

Playing for Keeps

SheKnows posted the trailer a few days back, but for the minority who may have missed it — or rather, the majority hoping to see more Butler — we wanted to share some movie stills that just went live!

“I’m playing a guy from Scotland who was at the peak of his soccer career and suddenly he’s in small-town America,” Butler said of his role as George in Playing for Keeps. “He’s trying to put his life back together with a former relationship and his boy. He just wants him so much to be a part of his life but he doesn’t know how to go about it.”

Gerard Butler in Playing for Keeps

George cements his sincerity by taking on the responsibility of coaching his son’s soccer team. His talent — and perhaps his looks — earn him the attention and respect of the kids and their mothers, although his ex, Stacie (Biel), isn’t entirely convinced.

Jessica Biel in Playing for Keeps

“It’s a great, funny, powerful, emotional movie that really makes you reflect on life,” Butler said.

“This movie is filled with so much emotion and so many things left unsaid,” Biel added.

Will Butler score the ultimate goal?

Watch and see Dec. 7.

Images courtesy of Film District

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