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New Flight spot released

Eager for Flight to land in a theater near you? Air traffic control has scheduled the release for Nov. 2, but we managed to snag another 90-second spot to keep you entertained as we wait. Thank you for choosing SheKnows. Ding!

Director Robert Zemeckis and Paramount Pictures have just released another look inside their upcoming film, Flight, flying into a theater near you on Nov. 2.

Denzel Washington pilots the film in what appears to be a compelling story of newfound stardom, morality, heroism and conviction.

His plane may fall apart at 30,000 feet, but we all know Washington soars in nearly every role he takes.

Flight tells the story of Whip (Washington), a pilot in question after he unconventionally lands a damaged plane, saving 98 of his 106 passengers. Surely an honorable act, but when alcohol turns up in his system in the investigation thereafter, the story quickly goes from spectacular to skeptical.

Follow Washington and an all-star cast featuring the likes of John Goodman, Don Cheadle and more through this high-flying drama.

Buckle up and return your trays and seatbacks to their upright positions as we resume our clip below.

Image and Video Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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