666 Park Avenue recap: Don’t let him out

After a midnight trip to the laundry room, Jane discovers that sometimes “the dead don’t stay dead.”

Jane and Olivia Bond

Still locked in a terrifying and haunted closet, Jane (Rachael Taylor) freaks the heck out. She spots a ghost, which is becoming a trend in The Drake, and screams for help when Henry (David Annable) suddenly arrives to help her. One would think that Jane would now stay away from the depths of hell, otherwise known as the laundry room, but one would be wrong.

Later, Jane hears bells through the vents and she journeys back down to the laundry room. There, she finds the mysterious door is being flooded by blood and a small, pale, ghost child tells her, “It’s bad in there.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, but Jane just won’t quit.

After another visit in the hallway from the ghost child who warns her, “don’t let him out,” Jane goes back downstairs! There she finds a cobweb-covered suitcase with a tiny bell on it. And this suitcase seems to have a life of its own. You know what she decides to do? She brings it up to her apartment. This brave soul brings the haunted suitcase into her apartment. I think there’s a fine line between bravery and asking for it.

Meanwhile, Gavin (Terry O’Quinn) is grooming Henry for something that probably involves his plan for total domination. He sets Henry up with a councilman that Henry would love to be chief of staff for and pushes him to get the job. Just when Henry lands the new job, Gavin pulls it out from under him. See, the councilman is not willing to give Gavin what he wants, which of course, is the Green Pointe Towers project, so Gavin pushes him down the elevator shaft, where he crashes into an explosion of light like all the other victims. Now, Gavin tells Henry he should dream bigger and lays the ground work for Henry to pursue politics.

Gavin always tries to lend a helping hand to the residents of The Drake (kind of like the hand he lent the councilman when he was pushing him to his death). This time he’s paying close attention to obituary writer Annie. Annie just wants to be an awesome journalist, but the obits section sure isn’t going to get her any attention. She goes out on a limb one night and creates a fake obituary about a CIA agent who died. The next day, the story is all over the news. Now, everything she writes turns out to be true. With the sudden success, she sure isn’t thinking about the consequences of her characters coming to life.

She finally is given the chance to write a real article based on a character she created, Kindinsky. Kindinsky is a Russian mobster who tortures his victims with weapons found in his murder bag. As she writes the words, Kindinsky comes to life right outside her apartment door. She tries to escape, but he breaks in and ties her up. He apparently is waiting until next week to kill her.

This all happens on the 10-year anniversary of Gavin and Olivia’s (Vanessa Williams) daughter’s death. Sasha was 18 when she drove her car into a concrete wall. She left behind a suicide note for her mother that explained Gavin was “evil.” Olivia still has a hard time dealing with the loss, but refuses to tell Gavin the truth about Sasha’s death. Instead, she confides in Jane. I’m not sure how many more secrets of The Drake Jane can handle. Or Gavin will let her handle.

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