Chicago Fire sneak peek: Hazing season begins

What’s ahead on NBC’s new series, Chicago Fire? Tons more drama and action, sure. But even firehouses have slow days, and that’s when they get into trouble.

Chicago Fire castChicago Fire is back with an all-new episode!

If you saw the action-packed pilot, then you know just how intense it gets on Chicago Fire. While there’s definitely more drama ahead, the new sneak peek promises a little bit of comedy, too.

The first episode of Chicago Fire was dramatic as hell. In the first couple minutes, before they even ran the opening credits, a firefighter named Darden died. He climbed the ladder and crawled into the attic of a burning house. Something happened with a vent that caused a burst of flames to shoot through the house and up the stairs, killing Darden as he made his way down to his buddies on the first floor. Darden died in, literally, a flash.

The action continued before the first commercial when two EMTs were sent into a house after a shooting. The police thought they’d cleared the house but the shooter came stumbling out of the closet. He was shot in the head but was so high that he was still stumbling around with his gun, trying to get revenge. Everything ended up fine, but it was sketchy for a few seconds.

Chicago Fire Taylor Kinney

Here’s what else Chicago Fire has to offer: A cute and ambitious rookie firefighter, Peter Mills, starting his career at one of Chicago’s most elite stations. Why is the firehouse so elite? They have an extra-special “Rescue Squad” who can do — among other things — water rescues. The unit is full of guys who know they’re extra-special, too. It’s okay, though, because they take their shirts off a lot (including Jesse Spencer!). Sadly, one of those guys, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) appears to be doing steroids. How will that play out? David Eigenberg (you know, Steve… from Sex and the City?) also makes appearance as a firefighter who just had his house foreclosed, but is still really sarcastic and pretty funny. It’s only an episode in, but so far it looks like Chicago Fire will be a hit.

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