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Vampire Diaries recap: ‘Worst Nightmare’

Elena is dead! Kind of. She’s sort of in a “transitional period.” She could be dead for good though if she doesn’t drink some human blood and become a full-fledged vampire. And time is running out.

Vampire Diaries season premier

Elena (Nina Dobrev) is in a bit of a pickle. That which she feared most has finally come upon her. It turns out that just before her accident, she had vampire blood in her system, and when she told Stefan (Paul Wesley) to save Matt before her, she died. And the trouble about dying with vampire blood in your veins is that you aren’t actually completely dead… yet. She has a matter of hours to either drink human blood and complete the transition to vampire or die for real.

Unfortunately, Pastor Young (Michael Riley Burke) is not going to make this transition easy for her. He’s on a witch hunt and is locking up vampires left and right. He arrests the mayor, Rebekah (Clair Holt) and Caroline before paying a visit to Elena and Stefan. He wants to use her as bait to reel in Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to come and save her. But her overheightened senses (and emotions) reveal her secret, and she’s thrown into a cell next to Stefan and Rebekah. Now she’s in a time crunch to get her hands on some blood — or it’s lights out.

Meanwhile, Bonnie (Kat Graham) tries to work her black magic to save Elena, but she’s having some trouble. The spirits are refusing to listen to her, so she decides to push the limits. Since Elena’s spirit is currently in transition, Bonnie thinks if she meets Elena on the other side, she’ll be able to bring her back to life. However, this is a very costly experiment as it requires Bonnie to actually kill herself first.

Vampire Diaries: Bonnie tries to bring Elena back

Bonnie casts the dangerous spell and appears to die a brutal death, but it looks like it might be worth it! She appears in Elena’s cell and starts to pull her back to life. Elena grows stronger and looks healthier, when suddenly Bonnie’s grandmother appears and warns Bonnie to stop. The spirits are unhappy, and if she continues with the spell, there will be dangerous repercussions. Bonnie disappears from the cell, and Elena is left without options and running out of time.

On the verge of taking her last few breaths, Elena tells Stefan that the reason she was even on the bridge the night of her accident is that she was coming back for him. She chose him because she loves him and “no matter happens, it was the best choice I ever made.” It’s a bit of a tearjerker, I’m not embarrassed to admit.

Despite Rebekah’s clear disdain for Elena, she works with Stefan to attack a guard through the bars of their cells. The bloody body lies just inches away from Elena. Frail and exhausted, Elena manages to reach just far enough to dip her fingers in the growing puddle of blood and voila! She is now a vampire!

The three vampires manage to escape (although how they manage that isn’t clear), and Elena and Stefan get to spend a quiet moment alone in peace. The upside to this truly hellish day is now she’ll get to spend forever with him, just like she wanted. He gives her a daylight ring Bonnie made for her, and the couple watch the sunrise together. Awww, eternal damnation can be so romantic.

And just when you think the drama was over, Pastor Young locks all of the council members in a room and sends them up in flames, himself included. His parting words: “Fear not… Friends, we are the beginning.”

Um, if I were them, I woulda liked to have a say in the matter, but sometimes you just gotta follow your leader, I guess.

It’d be pretty scary to wake up and find out you’re dead! Check out Elena’s reaction in this clip from the season premiere of Vampire Diaries!

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