Here Comes the Boom movie review: Kevin James doing MMA?

This uplifting movie is about a high school teacher who risks life and limb in a fighting cage to help his students keep their music program. Kudos to Kevin James for taking on such a physically demanding role.

Here Comes the Boom

2.5 stars — Perfect for those who love a happy ending

Scott Voss (Kevin James) is a slacker high school biology teacher who doesn’t care about much besides hitting on the school nurse, Bella (Salma Hayak). Then when he happens upon the student orchestra playing music, his heart softens.

The music teacher, Marty (Henry Winkler), loves his students and even spends his spare time fixing up old instruments from garage sales for students who can’t afford them. He tells the class the quote of the day: Without music, life would be a mistake. When Scott tells Marty how he’s inspired him, Marty asks some biological questions. Why is Marty curious about biology? Turns out his wife is pregnant at age 48.

Soon, the teachers are called to a meeting where the school administration announces that due to budget cuts, the music program is no more — which also means Marty is out of job with a baby on the way. All the teachers are frustrated, but Scott becomes determined to earn the $48,000 it will take the keep the music program running and keep Marty employed. But how?

Here Comes the Boom

That’s when Scott gets into mixed martial arts. He wrestled in high school and thinks that with the help of a former fighter, he can at least make some money losing matches.

For his first fight, he shows up to the cage in a dopey Viking outfit. He doesn’t last long and ends up vomiting on his opponent.

Someone videotapes the barfing incident, and once it goes viral, the students see it and begin to view Scott as a hero.

Here Comes the Boom

Eventually, Scott gets offered to fight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in Las Vegas, where he’s certain to lose. But a little inspiration can go a long way — just ask Rocky.

Bottom line: I’ve seen Kevin James be a lot funnier and the plot is predictable, but Here Comes the Boom is a heartwarming story about following your dreams.

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