Arrow recap: The hunt for justice

Oct 11, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. ET

A hooded crusader with a hit list has just arrived, and he's on a mission to save his city from the villains who are destroying it. He's also ridiculously good-looking.

The hooded hero in Arrow

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) used to be a high-profile celebrity. The kind who are famous because dad is worth a billion dollars. He partied, played the field and beat up paparazzi until a five-year trip to a deserted island changed him in, oh, just a few ways.

Five years ago, he was on a boat with his father; his lady friend, Sarah Lance (who just happened to be his girlfriend, Laurel's, sister); and a few other men when a terrible storm blew through and sank their boat. Sarah drowned immediately, but Oliver, his father and another survivor were able to make it to the lifeboat.

When there wasn't enough water for the three men and Oliver didn't look like he was going to make it, his father made an unthinkable sacrifice. He shot the other man and then turned the gun on himself. Before he died, he shared some deep secrets with Oliver about how he had "failed" their city and about the corrupt men who were tearing it apart.

After finally being rescued by fishermen, Oliver is home and ready to serve up some justice. He takes some time to reunite with his mother and his sister, Thea (Willa Holland), whom he completely adores. He stops by to try to make amends with his ex, Laurel (Katie Cassidy), but she's clearly not having any of it. The cheating and being responsible for her sister's death is a little hard to get over. Then, he sets out on the town with his old best friend and eternal bachelor, Tommy (Colin Donnell).

Oliver Queen's impressive pull-ups

It takes about one minute on the big-city streets for Oliver to get in trouble. Three tazor-happy, mask-wearing bad guys show up and kidnap the duo. They want to know what Oliver's dad told him before he died. There isn't much time for a discussion though, since Oliver sneeks out of the handcuffs and demolishes them with some mad fighting skills.

Oliver tells Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne) that a hooded vigilante saved him and Tommy, but the detective's not buying it — and he certainly doesn't seem to like Oliver much. That's probably because he's Sarah and Laurel's dad.

Between building his superhero lair and doing the most impressive set of pull-ups I have ever seen, Oliver tries to keep up appearances at the swanky party thrown in his honor. He pulls a Bruce Wayne and plays the expected role of immature bachelor for his cheering fans. But, behind that ready-to-party facade, he is actually preparing to take down Adam Hunt, the multimillionaire who stole $40 million from innocent people.

When Hunt refuses to give back the money, Oliver crashes into his office and takes out his bodyguards with arrows and some intense hand-to-hand combat. But Detective Lance is prepared for the hooded hero and busts in. Oliver does what anyone would do and jumps out of the window of the skyscraper and disappears into the night. Then, he hacks into Hunt's bank account and transfers the $40 million into the accounts of the people he stole it from.

I have to know what kind of magical island he was stranded on where he learned how to master a crossbow, fight like a ninja and hack into bank accounts!

Twist you didn't see coming: His mother hired the kidnappers to try to find out what he knows! Well, that's just bad parenting.

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