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Pink’s new video “Try” is a hit — or in this case, a backhand

No one ever accused Pink of sugar-coating. And that is why this seemingly fringe artist is so relatable, because she’s not really fringe at all. She either speaks to the women who say exactly what they think, or she’s the voice of most of us who play nice. Either way, her new video left us with a few questions/observations…

PinkWhat the hell is an Apache dance?

Okay, I admit it. Prior to watching this kick-a** (literally) video, I didn’t know what an Apache dance was. (Type it in on YouTube after you watch Pink’s video). The style of dance is alternately passionate and violent, forgiving and abusive. Named for a Parisian street gang (which was named after the Native American tribe for its alleged violence), this type of dance was popular in Paris during the early 20th century. History lessons aside, the theme of this dance is disturbing, provocative in a way that we’ve come to expect from Pink, and left her mother feeling “uncomfortable.”

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She’ll hit a b****

If you ever want to laugh until your head falls off, try a couple of these dance moves with your significant other. Seriously. Watch this video a few times, study the dance moves and you’ll quickly discover that having a baby did little to impede Pink’s athletic prowess. Even those of us who are not students of dance can appreciate the artistry of this video, the athleticism needed to execute the moves and the uniqueness of it. I personally would like to commend Pink for not busting out a video that involves an abundance of jabbing elbows and back flips.

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And you are????

But enough about Pink. Who’s the fine young thing throwing her around the living room? His name is Colt Prattes, and little is known about him other than he is a dancer and his muscles are sublime. He can dance around our living room anytime.

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Conflicting message

While there is no arguing that this is a beautiful piece of choreography, when the lyrics are tied to this dance, the message becomes disturbing. If it were just a message of the complexity, pain and passion between men and women, that would be one thing. But as Pink is being flung across the room, the lyrics say, “Just because it burns it doesn’t mean you’re gonna die. You gotta get up and try.” Is Pink suggesting that if you are being physically abused you should just get up and try harder? Because women pay attention to Pink, it would have inspiring had this video ended with a message of strength. Instead of them running toward each other at the end, I would have rather seen Pink at the top of a cliff, her tattered battle-gown billowing out behind her, and him at the bottom of the cliff (alive) — not to suggest his demise, but the final demise of the relationship.

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But that’s just one gal’s opinion. Watch the video and share your take-away opinions and impressions…

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