New Beauty and the (sexy) Beast sneak peek

Are you ready for the new Beauty and the Beast? The CW is bringing back the classic love story, but steaming it up!

Beauty and the Beast stars Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk

If you’re tuning in to the series premiere of The CW’s new show, Beauty and The Beast, be prepared: It won’t be the same old story you’re used to seeing.

Beauty and the Beast star Jay Ryan

Most importantly, The Beast is far from beastly — he’s actually pretty easy on the eyes! In this portrayal of the fairy tale, The Beast comes in the shape of Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan, Terra Nova). Vincent is an Afghan war veteran battling more than just PTSD. He was part of an X-Men-like experiment the government conducted in order to create “super soldiers.” The outcome: Vincent turns into a regular beast if you tick him off. When he isn’t violently angry, though, Vincent is just your average, oh-so-gorgeous recluse.

Playing the part of his Beauty is Kristin Kreuk, as Cat. While attending school and working to become a lawyer, Cat witnesses the seemingly senseless murder of her mother. Cat would have been killed, too, if it weren’t for a wild (you guessed it) beast coming to her rescue. In an effort to solve the mystery of her mother’s murder, as well as find out who her shadowy hero may be, Cat trades her briefcase for a detective’s badge.

The death of a fashion editor and a mysterious fingerprint lead Cat straight to her smokin’ hot Beast. When Vincent swears he didn’t hurt the editor and was only trying to help, will Cat believe him?

Check out this awesome preview to hear what Kristin and Jay have to say about the series premiere and the epic romance that will ensue:

This won’t be the first time The Beauty and The Beast sees it’s way onto television. The CW’s version is loosely based on the series of the same name that ran from 1987 to 1990. That version, which starred Linda Hamilton as Cat and Ron Perlman as a more beastly Vincent, focused on the importance of inner beauty and the secret, Utopian society of outcasts where Vincent lived.

Inner beauty is, of course, important, but we’re all still hoping to see plenty of the new Vincent’s outer beauty!

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