David Cross and Amber Tamblyn married over the weekend

The couple have lasted much longer than critics said they would. This weekend, they took the final step and got married.

Amber Tamblyn

It has been over a year since Amber Tamblyn and David Cross announced their engagement, but Saturday, they took the leap into marriage. And, like the unconventional couple they are, Tamblyn walked down the aisle in a yellow dress. Or, rather, walked down the trail. The wedding took place “in the woods,” although a location wasn’t given.

Blake Lively and her new husband Ryan Reynolds were both in attendance at the nuptials.

“Questlove [Questo of the Roots] tweeted a candid Instagram shot of Lively and new husband Ryan Reynolds (aka ‘The Reynolds’) at the Tamblyn-Cross ‘#weddinginthewoods,'” said E! News.

Tamblyn and Lively starred together in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and have apparently stayed good friends since then. Tamblyn was one of the only non-family guests at the wedding of Lively and Reynolds in Charleston last month. Some of her other Sisterhood co-stars also came to the wedding, including Alexis Bledel and America Ferrera.

Questo also tweeted another shot of Tamblyn as she was emerging from a canoe, barefoot in her yellow dress, holding the arm of what appears to be her father.

“Princess Amber arrives in style,” he tweeted, said E!

Amy Poehler, without future ex-husband Will Arnett, also showed up to Tamblyn and Cross’ wedding.

The couple raised eyebrows when they began dating in 2009, since Cross is 19 years Tamblyn’s senior. But they quickly showed that love knows no age, and the wedding has shown they have a lasting relationship.

Cross has been busy these days, after all the rumors about Arrested Development reuniting having turned out to be true. Six years after the cult hit was cancelled, the show s stars are back together to shoot a new season, which will be made available exclusively on Netflix in 2013. Star Jason Bateman said in addition to the new season, they will be shooting a film based on the show.

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