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Hulk Hogan’s sex tape has “rattled” his wife

Hulk Hogan is on the interview circuit talking about his newly released sex tape. The biggest revelation? Those swinger rumors might be real after all.

Hulk Hogan talks sex tape

Hulk Hogan is on the interview circuit to promote his new Impact Wrestling television show, but all anyone wants to talk about is his other production. A sex tape starring the iconic wrestler and Heather Clem, the then-wife of his best friend Bubba the Love Sponge, was leaked to Gawker last week.

And yes, it shows everything.

Hogan insisted to Howard Stern that he knew nothing about the filming, though he did cop to sexing Clem while still married to now ex-wife Linda Hogan. This admission pretty much tells us the rumors about his swinger lifestyle are true.

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Still, he’s upset about the whole thing.

“It’s appalling,” the Hulkster told Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb on Today. “It’s flipped my life totally upside down.”

The person most affected by the leaked tape is Hogan’s wife of two years, Jennifer.

“[She’s] rattled, to say the least,” he lamented. “She’s not part of this media life. It’s something devastating to me, I’ve never been through anything on this level.”

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We have to wonder if he’s re-evaluating the relationship with his “best friend” since the leak. It seems like either Bubba or Clem was setting him up for future monetary gain.

His anger over the tape hasn’t stopped the offers from rolling in, though. is one of the porn companies that wants to pay him for his on-camera work, according to an open letter on the website.

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“While this may be an embarrassing ordeal for you to go through right now, it doesn’t need to be … you are ‘bigger’ than Andre the Giant where it matters,” the letter reads.

The website is willing to negotiate a price with the Hulkster — and we’re sure plenty of Hulkamaniacs are willing to buy out of insane fandom or weird curiosity.

Our take? Get the cash, Hulk. The video is already out, so why not profit from it?

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Do you think Hulk Hogan knew about the sex tape, or were his friends setting him up?

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