Vampire Diaries sneak peek: What’s next for immortal Elena?

After last season’s terrifying and dramatic finale, what will The Vampire Diaries have in store for us this year? To begin with, Elena is now a vampire. Will that change things in her love triangle?

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When The Vampire Diaries broke for the summer, things were far from right for the kids from Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Here’s a recap

Alaric is on the loose, powerful and hell-bent on taking down all things supernatural in Mystic Falls. A (kind of) unfortunate stake through Klaus’ heart has left everyone sputtering, in worry of death. However, only Tyler feels the effects of Klaus’ death, and we last saw him writhing in a violent agony instead of running off with Caroline as they had planned.

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Of course, Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) part in all this is the most dramatic of them all. (Isn’t it always?)

After suffering the side effects of Klaus’ attempt on her life, Elena returns home and pours her heart out to Matt about the terrifying prospect of choosing between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder). (Ex-boyfriends love hearing this stuff.)  However, Matt slips something in her tea, and the next thing she knows, they’re heading out of town in his truck.

On the upside, by this time, she thinks she’s made up her mind about which brother to choose. Stefan was there for her first. He was there from the very beginning of her life falling apart. Or was he?

Just after calling to break the news to Damon, Rebekah appears in the middle of the highway, and Matt’s truck goes careening off the bridge.

Throughout the final episode, another story is told, though. Elena continues to have flashbacks to sophomore year, the day her parents were killed in the crash. From the party to her argument with Matt, the day comes back to her vividly. Elena’s last memory: As she wandered aimlessly through the dark after fighting with Matt and waiting for her parents to pick her up, she happened upon a handsome stranger. Damon. They talked about what she wanted in life, and then her parents showed up to give her that fateful ride. Stefan may have pulled her to safety, but he wasn’t the first brother to enter Elena’s life.

Minor/major plot twist

When Elena was weak and in the hospital the first time, Merideth gave her vampire blood. So just as Stefan sniffles over her dead body, her eyes flash open, and she gasps.

She’s baaaaack!

The finale wasn’t as stressful as it could have been. We left Mystic Falls knowing that Elena would still be around when we returned. She just won’t be… you know… alive. So, what now?

Nina Dobrev explains why Elena’s a vampire and what to expect from her newfound immortality.

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