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Must-read: Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married

Heather McElhatton is an author who always delivers a fun and satisfying novel and her latest, Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married, is no exception.

Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married by Heather McElhatton

Heather McElhatton knows how to write a book that will entertain you from start to finish. She creates characters and stories that are relatable, fun, and teach you something along the way. The best-selling book, Pretty Little Mistakes put her on the map as an author who would write funny books where neurotic behavior is put proudly on display — where you’ll root for the heroine and champion her, mistakes and all.

About Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Married

First, Jennifer Johnson was sick of being single. Then she got hitched and now she’s pretty sure she’s sick of being married. Sometimes tying the knot just means getting strangled.

Jennifer Johnson used to be stuck in a cubicle, single, and boasting a strong addiction to Cinnabon frosting. Now she’s walked down the aisle to her dream man — who happens to be good looking and successful. But you know what they say about the grass being greener? Jennifer begins to wonder if that saying might be true when it comes to her new husband and his questionable family.

It can’t be good when you call your honeymoon the honeymoon from hell as Jennifer does. But for good reason: It takes place in a Christian resort bought and paid for by her mother and father-in-law, complete with virgin daiquiris and yoga. And before she knows it, she’s organizing abstinence dances and joining the ladies who lunch group. All the while she’s wondering what’s happened to her and the life she thought she was going to be living.

You’ll laugh out loud as you go on a wild ride with Jennifer as she tries to figure out if this is all married life is really cracked up to be.

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