Lindsay Lohan, James Deen get lost in Canyons trailer

It’s the trailer you’ve all been waiting for. Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen take a trip to The Canyons. The pair co-star in the controversial drama about the seductive L.A. lifestyle.

Lindsay Lohan

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Lindsay Lohan would headline a new film from director Paul Schrader. She was cast opposite James Deen — and obviously, we’re not talking about the one from Rebel Without a Cause (who spelled his name in the more familiar fashion, anyway). We’re referring to the porn superstar who makes a living baring more than his soul.

The film is called The Canyons and is based on a screenplay by Bret Easton Ellis (American Psycho). With his track record, it’s not surprising that the story is all about sex, drugs and ambition. Those are three things that always prove to be a dangerous combination.

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The Playlist has posted the teaser trailer from The Canyons, which mostly features Lohan and Deen. They play Tara and Christian, respectively, and are shown engaged in some pretty risque behavior. Unfortunately, there’s not much dialogue, so we’re not sure who’s doing what and why.

The rest of the cast includes a mix of up-and-comers such as Nolan Gerard Funk, as well as established talents like Oscar-nominated director Gus Van Sant. Yes, the man behind Milk and Good Will Hunting is stepping in front of the camera.

The Canyons‘ trailer shines a light on its young stars as they’re surrounded by excess. They look like a bunch of lost souls smoking and drinking their lives away. Its retro, grindhouse style only adds to the feeling of hopelessness.

There’s no official release date, but The Canyons is set to debut sometime in 2013.

Photo credit: FayesVision/WENN