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The Voice announces a shocking new twist

NBC’s The Voice contestants are paired up for a sing-off, and their coaches can only keep one winner. Plot twist: Expect some thievery from the big red chairs!

The Voice coaches

NBC’s The Voice is back tonight to begin Season 3’s “battle rounds!”

During the battle rounds, each coach pairs up members of his or her own team and has them face off on an actual boxing-ring stage. The two contestants take turns singing the same song. Whoever sings it better earns a spot in the next round, and (normally) the loser goes home.

But maybe not this year…

This season, The Voice has introduced a new twist to the game: The buzzers are back! This time, though, the coaches can use the buzzer to “steal” the artist that someone sends home. Each coach gets two steals to use on any of the other 48 artists. Contestant bonus: If more than one coach buzzes for the steal, the decision once again falls on the artist to choose whom he or she wants as a coach.

“I’m loving these steals,” says Blake Shelton in the teaser clip. “All the coaches are paying more attention.”

From the sound of things, it’d be hard not to pay attention. In the battle between Brian and Collin over Sublime’s “Santeria,” the winner seems obvious. (I’m not naming names! You’ll have to watch and listen for yourself.)  NBC’s preview also features a hot second of Team Cee Lo artists Trevin Hunte and Amanda Brown battling it out with Mariah Carey’s ” Vision of Love.” It’s perfection!

The artists also have some pretty heavy hitters trying to help out for the win. Alongside the coaches, there is also a team of advisers. Adam Levine’s corner boasts legendary R&B singer Mary J. Blige, while Michael Buble is stepping in to help out Team Blake. Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera has called in the aid of Green Day‘s Billie Joe Armstong, and Cee Lo boasts the smooth stylings of Mr. Rob Thomas. With so many stars aligned to help The Voice artists succeed, the battle rounds are sure to be full of hits.

In the words of Xtina, “Bring on the battles!”

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