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Lady Gaga’s restaurant is bad for your health

Lady Gaga needs to come home and save her dad’s restaurant. The Manhattan eatery is on its way out of business if things don’t shape up.

Lady Gaga's restaurant is in shambles

It turns out customers aren’t the only people hating on Joanne Trattoria, the restaurant opened by Lady Gaga’s parents, Joseph and Cynthia Germanotta. The New York City Health Department isn’t that big a fan of the Upper West Side joint, either: It slapped the eatery with a C rating for racking up 42 different health code violations, according to the New York Post.

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According to the paper, the “critical” violations at Joanne Trattoria included unwashed food prep areas, no handwashing facilities near the kitchen and food near contamination sources. The restaurant now has prominent “C” placards placed on windows to notify potential customers of the health hazards inside.

General manager Travis Jones is calling BS on the whole thing, though.

“We’re going to be taking it to court,” he said. “So, it’s bogus until November, when it’s finalized. We’re planning on disputing it.”

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The restaurant opened this summer and was a huge hit with Gaga’s Little Monsters. However, the popularity soon waned after diners realized how bad the food tastes.

“Nice space, but who cares since I can say that I HAVE HAD BETTER ITALIAN AT THE OLIVE GARDEN,” Mike from Flushing, Queens, wrote on Yelp. “The lasagna I don’t even think had ricotta, but had this soupy white crap that tasted like hot sour cream. They forgot to even mix the parsley in the filling.”

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“Having food this nauseating and now hearing about this restaurant getting a C rating from the Health Department, after getting my food handling certificate, I don’t even want to mention what getting a C entails unless you literally want to barf knowing you ate here,” he added.

Guess he didn’t enjoy it? He’s hardly the only one: The restaurant only manages to earn two stars out of a possible five on Yelp.

We have to wonder how much longer the restaurant will stay open, ’cause even Gaga won’t be able to save this place if the Health Department shuts it down.

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