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Revenge recap: Back from the dead

Oh, the drama never does cease in The Hamptons, does it? No one in this little circle seems to know how to tell the truth without telling another lie, but has Emily gone too far this time?

Emily Spies on Victoria

As usual, Emily (Emily VanCamp) is fixated on her goal of destroying Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), and this time she sets her sights a little closer to Victoria’s heart (metaphorically speaking, of course. It hasn’t officially been determined if Victoria has a heart).

Via the clam cam posted in Victoria’s hideout, Emily watches the infamous White-Haired Man bring fake passports for Victoria and Charlotte (Christa B. Allen). A mother-and-daughter escape is in the works. There’s just one little problem: He wants to be paid. Crazy, right? Unfortunately, Victoria can’t pay him without Charlotte’s inheritance, which we know Conrad (Henry Czerny) has stolen and used to save Grayson Global.

Being the opportunist she is, Emily jumps on the chance to tear Charlotte away from her mother. An eye for an eye is certainly Emily’s style. She calls Daniel (Josh Bowman) to plant the seed that Charlotte’s doctor may have fixed the drug tests. Daniel, being a good older brother, does some investigating and discovers his father’s detestable scheme and checks Charlotte out of rehab. She’s understandably upset that he didn’t believe her about being sober and refuses to leave with him. It just so happens Emily was there at the exact same time, so she leaves with her instead.

Charlotte Visits her Mother

Emily promises to take Charlotte to see her mother, but not before a surprise visit to her sister Amanda. She knows that seeing Amanda is pregnant will keep her from fleeing the country with Victoria. Like a puppet on a string, Charlotte tells her mom she’s staying. And, of course, she tells her the bad news that there’s no money. At all. Uh, oh. The White-Haired Man is gonna be pretty agitated about that.

Victoria says some pretty mean things (as she tends to do) to Charlotte to push her away and keep her safe from the White-Haired Man, who will inevitably return to the hideout to collect his payment. As soon as Charlotte storms out crying, Victoria gives Conrad a call. Together, they devise a plan to set up the White-Haired man. Conrad beats up Victoria (he seemed to get a little too much pleasure out of that) chains her up, and then tips off the cops. They create an elaborate story that she was abducted and held for ransom. Just a few little white lies and bam! Victoria’s back from the dead.

The White-Haired Man

Unfortunately for Conrad and Victoria, they are unaware of Emily’s sneaky clam cam that has the footage of the whole set up. She offers to trade the White-Haired Man the footage for information about her mother. Right after he eludes to her still being alive, he attacks Emily with a knife. Just as he’s about to kill her, Emily’s fellow Takeda student shows up and shoots him in the back! Now how will we learn about her mother???

And let’s not forget the whole “is the baby Jack’s?” debacle Emily created last week. Amanda admits to Emily that she did have a one-night stand, but she’s certain that Jack’s the father. A suspicious Jack (Nick Wechsler) insists on taking a paternity test that proves he’s the baby’s daddy. But, Emily makes Amanda believe she doctored the results. This girl has a habit of misrepresenting the truth to make it work in her favor, but has Emily finally gone too far?

Here’s a peek at Emily persuading Daniel to investigate Charlotte’s doctor. It’s scary how good she’s getting at manipulating people!

Photos Courtesy of ABC

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