Who is Gossip Girl? The cast reveals their best bets

Who is Gossip Girl? For five years, one of the hit show’s main characters has been in hiding — building suspense for the final season, which is set to kick off on Oct. 8. Have a guess? See if your best bet matches up with what the Gossip Girl stars themselves suspect!

Gossip Girl

The identity of Gossip Girl will soon — relatively soon, anyway — be revealed! Yes, CW fans, your thirst for inside dirt on Serena, Blair and the rest of the drama-filled gang won’t go unquenched, as executive producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman have promised a big reveal before the series finale.

Teasing and torturing Gossip Girl fans with their inside knowledge, the pair and members of the cast filmed the video below, which includes multiple theories on just who is behind the infamous blog.

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“For five years, that’s the secret she said she’d never tell,” Sara Goodman can be heard saying, while Stephanie Savage chimes in, “But this year, she’s telling.”

Matthew Settle guesses with a laugh that Gossip Girl must be Rufus because he’s the only one with enough time on his hands to blog, while Michelle Trachtenberg throws a big name into the mix: Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour!

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One guess is most popular among the cast, however, and let’s just say some of the help may not be as loyal as has always been believed. Could it be?

Although fans of Gossip Girl may recall Gossip Girl’s site was controlled by Georgina for a time, and then held hostage by Serena for part of last season, the real mystery blogger regained control and it’s been promised she’ll be back in a big way for the Oct. 8 sixth season premiere.

Who do you think Gossip Girl is?

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