Office Space’s Ron Livingston is “fat” reporter’s brother!

Television anchor Jennifer Livingston speaks out after her anti-bullying video goes viral.

Ron Livingston the brother of anchor Jennifer Livingston

Wausau, Wisconsin news anchor Jennifer Livingston is a lot more than a number on a scale. The reporter posted a video yesterday calling out a viewer who wrote to her out of “concern” over her obesity.

The video quickly went viral, leading the Emmy winner to appear on the major network talk shows the next morning to talk about her stance.

“I have always struggled with my weight… since my daughter was born 10 years ago… it has been a roller-coaster ride of weight gain and loss,” she told CBS. “If I could choose and snap my fingers to be a size that I don’t have to buy off the plus-size rack, that would be great. But I’m not ashamed of myself, I’m proud of who I am. Talk to me about the stories I cover, not the way I look.”

We’re 100 percent behind this awesome woman. As to why she’s so awesome? She comes from the same family as Office Space and Sex and the City star Ron Livingston — they’re brother and sister, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel media reporter Duane Dudek.

Hollywood connection aside, we’re excited her message of tolerance has resonated with millions of people around the country and the world. Basically, it’s not acceptable to give someone unsolicited comments on their weight.

Not that the man who sent the letter cares. Kenneth Krause says he’s not backing down from his original stance, unpopular or not. Livingston added that she thinks Krause is likely genuine in his attempt to help, but it doesn’t make it better.

“It’s not what this one particular man said to me,” she told the Associated Press. “It’s the reaction that what I am saying back to him and bullies everywhere is impacting me. I am just shocked right now that the words of one journalist in small La Crosse, Wisconsin can make such a loud roar.”

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