Pitch Perfect: Why Rebel Wilson is our new hero

Oct 3, 2012 at 12:28 p.m. ET

What’s not to love about an Australian actress/comedian who says her b*tch bling was given to her by her grandma and who shakes her chubby groove-thing on Jay Leno while bellowing out a Lady Gaga tune? We’re in love with Rebel, and here’s why you should be, too…

Rebel Wilson

She’s hilarious

Let’s get the most obvious reason out of the way. All of us are going to flock to Pitch Perfect this weekend, based on that one exchange in the trailer where snotty girls ask Rebel why she calls herself Fat Amy, and she answers, “So twigs like you don’t do it behind my back.” Here's a big fat air-five for a girl who will make fun of herself before others get the chance. Rebel has been winning us over for sometime now, with stunts like hitting the VMAs stage in a bikini T-shirt -- the bottoms of which revealed a lack of she-scaping. Don’t we all love the girl who’s willing to humiliate herself, just to make us laugh?

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She’s bringing chubby back

Rebel’s weight shouldn’t even be an issue, but this is Hollywood we’re talking about, so we can’t not mention it. In true Rebel fashion, she’s not afraid to make her weight a character. She busts a few sexy moves in Pitch Perfect, and in her Rebelicious video where she plays a gangster, there is a random scene of her sprinting in her jogging suit. Here’s hoping she doesn’t go the way of other chubsters in Hollywood by shedding her trademark weight and becoming the spokeswoman for Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. We’re not sure a skinny Rebel would be as funny. She is the admirable example of weight actually adding to her appeal. We should all be so lucky.

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She’s Australian

A cornerstone of Rebel’s humor is deeply rooted in her Australian upbringing in a family that showed dogs for a living. On Jimmy Kimmel, she said she was a “professional junior handler” and that her mother cried when she abandoned her dog-showing career to pursue movies. Ever notice that really funny people have a colorful past that our grandparents would probably call “character builders?" Can you imagine some of the ribbing Rebel took in school about being raised by people who showed dogs with siblings named Liberty, Riot and Anarchy? All of a sudden getting in front of a camera and cracking self-deprecating jokes doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, right?

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She’s an inspiration

In high school, we all had a hilarious chubby friend who was willing to be the token clown. Unfortunately out in the real world, sometimes there wasn’t a lot of love for these fabulous girls. Rebel is like that girl from our school, who took her humor to the big stage and is putting all those “mean girls” who mocked her in school in their place. The world could use a few more Rebels and a few less “twigs.”

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