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New reads that won’t break the bank

Most new books are released as hardcovers, which are expensive. But SheKnows can help! “Paperback originals” are released straight to paperback, and here we have four wonderful picks that are easy on the wallet.

The Hiding Place cover

The Hiding Place
David Bell

David Bell had us riveted with last year’s novel Cemetery Girl, and now he’s back with The Hiding Place. For 25 years, Janet Manning has lived with the knowledge of her younger brother’s kidnapping. Justin was just 4 years old when he was taken from a local park, where Janet was supposed to be watching him. Now, the 25th anniversary of his disappearance is approaching and his accused kidnapper is set to be released soon. But Janet has her doubts about the man’s guilt, especially when a mysterious stranger shows up at her door late one night, claiming to have new information about Justin’s kidnapping.

Forgotten coverForgotten
Catherine McKenzie

What would happen if those closest to you thought you were dead? How would they move on? Would they be paralyzed by your death, or would they find new happiness all too quickly? This is the situation facing Emma Tupper. A dedicated lawyer, Emma decides to take a one-month vacation to Africa, but little does she know it will change her life. An earthquake traps her in a small village, and for six months, she has no contact with her friends or family. When she finally returns home, she discovers that everyone thought she had died. But could this be a blessing in disguise, an opportunity for Emma to change her life once and for all?

The Runaway Princess coverThe Runaway Princess
Hester Browne

Dating a prince is a silly dream for most women, but for Amy Wilde, it’s the truth. Her boyfriend Leo — or Leopold William Victor Wolfsburg — is an actual prince of a small European country. At first, Amy thinks it’s a dream come true, but she quickly realizes that being with a royal heir isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. She’s worried about measuring up when it comes to meeting his family, and the paparazzi are way too interested in her very normal, un-royal family. When the royal family decides it’s time to give Amy a makeover to make her perfect for the prince’s arm, will she lose herself in the process?

Breathing water coverBreathing Water
T. Greenwood

Effie Greer is being dragged down by her boyfriend Max during what should be an idyllic summer at her grandparents’ home in Vermont. Max has a temper that Effie can’t escape from, and slowly but surely, she finds the strength to escape from this destructive relationship. But when Max discovers Effie’s plans, violence flares and Effie leaves tragedy in her wake. Years later, Effie still drifts from city to city, unable to settle down, haunted by the ghosts of her past. When she receives word that Max has died, Effie decides its time to return to Vermont and face what happened once and for all.

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