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Famous celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

They may be drop-dead gorgeous, famous and have a Birkin allowance, but that doesn’t prevent celebrities from having the same wardrobe malfunctions we do. The stars even have the extra disadvantage of overly eager paparazzi ready to make that embarrassing moment go viral and be cemented in internet history.

Beauty and style nightmares
Hayden Panetierre

Here are some of the most common wardrobe malfunctions, blunders and just plain embarrassments, illustrated by our favorite famous faces.

The see-through top

You have to love that fabulous moment when we are miles away from our closets and we realize our tops are totally 100% see-through. Celebrities have it extra-worse when they realize it on the red carpet or the next morning when flash-illuminated boobage is all over the tabloids. Hayden Panettiere tried to do the right thing by using pasties, but those pasties are hams for the camera once a flash finds them, completely distracting us from her winning dress. Rihanna either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care at all, but beige and black are notorious colors for looking safe but once that flash hits, it’s a different headline.

Photo credit: Jody Cortes/
Sofia Vergara's emmy 2012 look

The rip

Our favorite Colombian, Sofia Vergara — who recently said, “In Latin America if you don’t have a big ass you’re nothing,” — suffered from a big rip at the 2012 Emmys. Her body-hugging Zuhair Murad gown split open, exposing to her culture and country she was indeed a big something. Once the rip happened, she wrapped her fiancé’s jacket around her waist and ran backstage where her style team came to the rescue. Not only did she handle it with class, but laughed it off by tweeting it to her fans.

Photo credit: Nikki Nelson/
Zooey Deschanel at 2012 Emmys

The catch

The adorable Zooey Deschanel is no stranger to awkward moments when she plays Jess on New Girl, and apparently the same goes for her real life. The actress was dressed like a princess at this year’s Emmy’s, but had a little Cinderella mishap when her dress got caught on Lucy Liu’s gown while she was interviewing with Ryan Seacrest. Deschanel handled it in a cute, classy and Vergara-style way by posting the captured moment on Facebook.

Photo credit: B.Dowling/
Taylor Swift

The Marilyn moment

Taylor Swift may be channeling Jackie Kennedy into her style lately, but on this night she accidently channeled that famous Marilyn Monroe moment. As one of the most likeable and girl-power-inducing artists out there, we couldn’t help but facepalm for Swift when her dress blew up Marilyn-style onstage, and she was wearing sheer nude panties. Handling it with Swift-style class, she kept the show going with her head held high.

Photo credit: FayesVision/
Jennifer Garner picking up daughter

The crack

Sometimes moms are too busy being moms to worry about whether their pants are falling down or not — celebrity moms are no different. We almost give Jennifer Garner kudos for never letting little exposures like this affect her composure. While being the fabulous mom (and wife to Ben Affleck) she is, Garner suffered a little butt crack exposure while getting down to her daughter’s level.

Photo credit: Homero Tercero/
Nicole Kidman with unblended powder

The bad blender

The beautiful and timelessly elegant Nicole Kidman probably thought it was a good idea to touch up her face for the red carpet cameras before getting out of her car. But she made the photo-fatal mistake of not checking the mirror and properly blending — hence this ghostly blotched look that will live in internet history forever. A little blending goes a long way.

Photo credit:
Britney Spears getting out of car

The bad car exit

We’ve seen it repeatedly, and we still wonder why all celebrities don’t have a car-exiting etiquette coach on speed dial. Britney Spears is just one of the many stars who have exposed their lady areas while ungracefully exiting a car. A few moments after this shot, she flashes her bare everything to the world, and she’s no stranger to it. Most celebrities dread the day the paparazzi catch this shot, which is almost inevitable without being careful 100% of the time. Oh, and wearing underwear helps tremendously.

Photo credit:
Lindsay Lohan side bob

Superfluous side boob

We at SheKnows are huge subtle side-boob fans, but we aren’t fans of the boob obnoxiously hanging out, or risking it. Unfortunately, some celebrities fail to set the proper trend, such as Jessica Simpson recently, whose main attraction was her boob, not her dress. Lindsay Lohan crossed the wrong side of the very fine side-boob line, and took risqué class to risqué raunchy. Not all boobs are created equal.

Photo credit: Diane L Cohen/
Emma Watson at premiere

The nip slip

The most common wardrobe mishap for ladies is, of course, the dreaded “nip slip”. Even the most refined and innocent of celebrities have fallen victim to this girl nightmare. Poor Emma Watson has been a victim of this wardrobe faux pas on multiple occasions, whether out with friends or at an event. Taylor Swift, whose princess-like mannerisms work to her advantage in most cases, was a victim at a recent red carpet event. The “nip slip” happens to the best of us.

Photo credit:
Mariah Carey's camel toe

The camel toe

The most visually repulsive and embarrassing of wardrobe malfunctions must be the camel toe, as seen here on Mariah Carey. But she’s not the only one — everyone from Katy Perry to Heidi Klum has been caught in this mishap. We’ve all suffered it at some point in our lives, and when we do, we think, “What, I’m not the camel-toe type, this must be a mistake.” Anyone is the type if wearing too-tight or ill-fitting clothing — even the angel-voiced Mariah Carey and queen of pop Britney Spears.

Photo credit: Apega/
Britney Spear's bad extensions

The bad extensions

Poor Britney Spears has been caught in most of these mishaps, but her most toxic situation is easily the bad hair extensions. Cheap-looking or badly done hair extensions can make you look like you’ve been through the hair blender. Spears tried to cover up her hair mistake stage (we all remember it) with these awful hair extensions, but it made that rough stage in her life even more famous.

Photo credit: Agent 47/

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