Paris Hilton’s boyfriend arrested after she kisses a woman

A man is claiming Hilton’s boyfriend attacked him early Monday morning after he got upset that his girlfriend was making out with another woman. It looks like her anti-gay stance doesn’t go both ways.

Paris Hilton

It looks like Paris Hilton might be proving to the world that she is not anti-gay, after statements she made that suggested otherwise. A man has filed a police report after Hilton and another woman were allegedly making out on a dance floor in Las Vegas early Monday morning.

But the police report is not against Hilton. It’s against Hilton’s boyfriend, River Viiperi! The man said the trouble started when Viiperi became upset at the alleged girl-on-girl action with Hilton.

“The alleged victim claims Viiperi — a 21-year-old male model — punched him in the face sometime around 2:30 a.m.,” said TMZ. “[Viiperi] injured him so badly, he needed medical attention.”

The man told security he wanted to press charges, and police arrested Viiperi for misdemeanor battery. The man did not say how he became involved in the altercation or what it had to do with Hilton and the other woman kissing. The woman allegedly involved also hasn’t come forward.

According to TMZ, Hilton was gone from the scene by the time police arrived and is not in any trouble over the incident. Even though Viiperi was arrested, he was processed at the scene and not taken to jail.

Hilton made her way back into headlines a few weeks ago when she was recorded in a cab with a gay friend, talking about “disgusting” gays and how “most of them probably have AIDS.” She later apologized and turned it into a safe sex rant, but the damage may have already been done.

It looks like in this case, if the story in Vegas is true, Hilton may either be trying to change her tune on the gay issue, or she just doesn’t think girls hooking up is as gross as she seems to think it is when guys hook up.

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