Drew Barrymore’s Olive: Cele-babies with foodie names

Drew Barrymore confirmed today that she and hubs Will Kopelman welcomed a baby girl Sept. 26. They named the newborn Olive, joining the growing list of celebs who may have chosen baby names after strolling the aisles at their local grocer.

Pregnant Drew Barrymore and Will KopelmanGwyneth Paltrow and
Chris Martin

When Gwyneth Paltrow and her Coldplay rocker husband gave birth to a baby girl in 2004, the pair chose to name the fruit of their loins after… well… fruit. Gwynie defended the moniker on Oprah, shortly after little Apple’s debut, explaining that she thought the name sounded “so sweet” and “wholesome and biblical.”

Chin up, Apple! At least they didn’t name you Prune, which is apparently a pretty popular name in France now.

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Isaiah and Jenisa Marie Washington

On Grey’s Anatomy, Isaiah Washington played skilled surgeon Dr. Preston Burke before being dismissed due to a nasty backstage brouhaha involving co-star T.R. Knight. Clearly, the actor doesn’t always use his best judgment. Another case in point? He named his second son Thyme… you know, like the herb that nobody ever feels confident saying out loud. (Why is there an “h” after the “t” if you aren’t going to use it?!)

Simon and Yasmin Le Bon

Perhaps former model Yasmin Le Bon had her daughter’s future in mind when she named her then–baby girl Saffron. Now in her early 20s, the young lady — who sports saffron-hued long hair — could easily brand herself around her spicy name. If Saffron’s current career path doesn’t pan out, her name sounds well suited for moonlighting as one of those girls on late-night TV who whiles away men’s insomnia for $4.95 a minute.

Jamie Oliver and Jools Oliver

Cutie-pie chef Jamie Oliver loves food. We get it. But methinks naming his oldest daughter Poppy Honey took his culinary obsession overboard — it sounds more like a salad dressing or a muffin flavor than a moniker. While names can elicit many feelings, I doubt hunger is one the Food Revolution star’s daughter is happy about.

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Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes

In my world, a Clementine is a tasty citrus morsel I’m fond of snacking on. In celebrity circles, it’s a pretty popular name for sweet little girls. Ethan Hawke and wife Ryan Shawhughes chose the fruity first name for their daughter, who shares the name with the daughters of actresses Cybill Shepherd and Claudia Schiffer.

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Ingo Rademacher and Ehiku Rademacher

Top honors for the strangest produce-inspired baby name quite possibly go to General Hospital actor Ingo Rademacher and wife Ehiku Rademacher, who saddled their son with the name Peanut Kai Rademacher. They claim the name represents joy, and so — since their son would inevitably end up with a nickname — they decided to give him a built-in nickname. We’re pretty sure what they actually gave him was a complex that will plague him until he legally changes his name or emancipates himself from his nutty parents.


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