666 Park Avenue recap: Devilish dealings

There are times in life when you should take a risk on something that seems too good to be true, and then there are times when you should bust out the holy water and run for the hills. But for Jane and Henry, it may already be too late.

Jane and Henry get a new job

The wide-eyed Midwestern couple who moved to New York to live their big-city dreams just landed the perfect job that comes with a posh Upper East Side apartment. Unfortunately, they failed to notice the ghost in the basement or souls getting sucked into walls. The new resident managers of The Drake, Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and Henry Martin (David Annable), were too excited about their new digs to see that the owners may literally be from hell.

Crazy ghost stuff aside, there is an erratic elevator door that gave a woman a severe beat down and a 100-year-old stairwell door that shuts and locks by itself. Come on, this place is a horror movie waiting to happen. They’re kind of asking for it. I guess you can’t really blame though. The apartment is really beautiful. Besides, who would suspect that the owner, Gavin Doran (Terry O’Quinn), was actually making deals for renters’ souls and collecting his “payments” in the middle of the night. That’s pretty crazy, even by New York standards.

The Devilish Dorans

Gavin may, in fact, be the devil. If he’s not, I’d hate to find out what the devil is really like because this guy is sadistic. He has the power to give people the very thing they would give everything to possess. But, like any good businessman, he knows how to get what he wants in return. The ex-resident manager of The Drake became a successful violinist — an accomplishment he didn’t have the talent to earn on his own. In exchange for this generous gift, he was given only 10 years left to live. Ten years later, Gavin came to collect what he was owed and we find out he won’t let you run from your debts.

Gavin’s wife, Olivia (Vanessa Williams), definitely has some of her own devilish charms. She knows the fastest way to a woman’s heart is to buy her pretty things. So, she buys Jane a $4,000 dress to wear to the symphony. Quite a bonus for the first week on the job. We know it’s all a show to lure Jane in, but when she gets her what will she do with her?

Ghosts in the Basement

Jane’s architectural background sends her on a search into the history of the old building and there’s no doubt she’s about to discover some creepy secrets. Already, like most heroines in supernatural thrillers, her woman’s intuition is kicking in and she’s feeling uneasy with Olivia’s lavish gifts and Gavin’s advances. And Henry, like most guys, is oblivious to the otherworldly dealings happening around him.

The Drake is filled with temptations for all of its tenants. From the sexy neighbor who tries to entice the married writer when she undresses by the window to the promise of bringing a beloved wife back from the dead. However, the tenants learn quickly — fulfilled desires come with a price.

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Check out this extended trailer to see some of the sinister moments you missed in 666 Park Avenue!


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