Hotel Transylvania bites off competition for top box office spot

Halloween is just around the corner, and Hotel Transylvania proves vampires never go out of style. This Dracula-and-daughter animation starring Adam Sandler bites its way to the No. 1 movie this weekend.

Hotel Transylvania

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Hotel Transylvania

SheKnows pre-Halloween kids pick!

Spooky kids’ flicks are the new funny fish movies in Hollywood. When an overprotective Dracula finds out that a human has discovered the location of his secret castle, he’ll stop at nothing to keep this enemy away from his very curious vampire daughter.

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This sci-fi time-travel movie has Bruce Willis running from his younger self, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A thrilling action film, it will keep you guessing minute to minute. It grossed $21.3 million this weekend, bringing it in at No. 2.

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Last week’s No. 1 film is about two rookie cops who stumble upon something big on the very corrupt streets of Los Angeles. Jake Gyllenhaal, Anna Kendrick and Michael Pena star in this ultra realistic crime drama.

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Clint Eastwood plays Amy Adams’ father, a near-retirement baseball scout, in this story about baseball, family and following dreams. It grossed an estimated $7.5 million, bringing it in at No. 4.

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The House at the
End of the Street

Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue star in this horror thriller about a mom and daughter who move into a new house to start over after a painful divorce. Little do they know that a very strange crime happened on their street. They soon find out the killing spree isn’t over.

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Pitch Perfect

SheKnows musical pick!

The Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow gal pals flick about bringing your voice to the next level is a fun comedy for anyone who likes a good musical. Rebel Wilson and Skylar Astin co-star in this good-time movie.

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Finding Nemo 3D

SheKnows retro pick!

The kids’ flick that made everyone love the anxiety-ridden clown fish named Marlin is back on the big screen but this time in glorious 3D. Put on your glasses and see Bruce the shark as you never have before in this fun family movie worth seeing again.

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Resident Evil: Retribution

The fifth installment of the Resident Evil sci-fi action series stars Milla Jovovich as the girl who knows how to handle a gun. When an evil force takes over the universe without asking, it’s in for a big surprise when Milla comes around.

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The Master

SheKnows Oscar-hopeful pick!

If you don’t have The Master on your Oscar pre-screening list, better get this one in while it’s out. Powerful performances by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix leave little to be desired in this drama about faith and finding yourself.

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Won’t Back Down

SheKnows inspirational pick!

Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal co-star as two mothers determined to change their children’s rundown urban school. The inspirational story based on true events proves that a mom with a vision can change her kid’s life.

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