Milla Jovovich's all-girl dream team

Sep 28, 2012 at 11:25 a.m. ET

In an interview, Resident Evil: Retribution star Milla Jovovich imagines an all-female kick-a** fighting team, and remembers her mother having to "kiss a** for the butcher" in Russia.

Milla Jovovich Resident Evil premiereResident Evil: Retribution star Milla Jovovich said she would like to see an action film with an all-female team. "I heard Kate Hudson always wanted to do an action film. And definitely Kate Beckinsale and Michelle Rodriguez. Charlize Theron. I love her. And Sigourney Weaver would have to be the commander," the former model told Metro.

She was asked if she was ever hurt during her zombie-fighting duties in the Resident Evil film series. "Funnily enough, the most dangerous thing I did was climb out of a car window. You would think it's just climbing out the window but after ten takes of having to do that fast, I was black and blue."

By contrast, she said, she has been injured more often from cooking. "I made empanadas two weeks ago, Eastern European-style from my part of the world. I dropped one in too quickly and that's from the grease," the Russian-born actress said, indicating a large scar on her foot. "This scar on my arm is from cooking turkey at Christmas. I've got more scars from cooking than I've ever got from making actions films. So who's the real hero?"

Though the actress, married to director Paul W.S. Anderson, has come a long way since then, she still remembers growing up in Communist Russia. She recalled "standing in lines with my mum, Galina Jovovich, to get milk, butter, bread and meat. Getting there early. I remember my mum complaining about having to make friends with the butcher so we could get a good cut of meat.

"It was that kind of corrupt, communist society. Even though my mum was a movie star, she still had to kiss a** for the butcher."

Image courtesy of Starbux/WENN