Hot trailer: Melissa McCarthy steals Jason Bateman’s identity

The latest from famed comedian Melissa McCarthy is a new movie about identity theft — not her identity, but Jason Bateman’s.

Identity Thief

She’s uber fun, she has a fabulous life — but she’s not using her own money. Her real name is Diana, played by Melissa McCarthy, but everyone in the marketplace in sunny Miami knows her as “Sandy Bigelow Patterson.” But she’s not Sandy Bigelow Patterson. This is a case of identity theft.

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The real Sandy, played by Jason Bateman, is hell-bent on finding out who this person is who’s draining his bank account in the new movie Identity Thief, which comes out this winter. When the two get paired up, they are in store for more than just a wild ride on a mission to find out who has the right to be the real Sandy. Car chases, fistfights, awkward situations — you’re in for it all!

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Melissa McCarthy has some right hook!

When Bateman finally tracks down McCarthy’s character and confronts her for stealing his identity, instead of a nice apology, she pops him in the throat and kicks him in the nuts, then speeds off with his driver’s license. Put out the 411! There are two Sandys in Miami, and the femme Sandy is tougher than the dude Sandy. Oh, Jason — looks like your character might have to grow a set to deal with this lively identity thief on the run.

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This first look at the hilarious new comedy shows Melissa McCarthy is more than just Bridesmaids. We’re excited about this one. The film is directed by Seth Gordon of Horrible Bosses and Four Christmases. Identity Thief comes out in theaters Feb. 8, 2013.

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