Lady Gaga: Waving her middle finger at physical flaws

Lady Gaga should be the artist who young people love but who annoys the rest of us. If anyone else wore a meat dress to an awards show, we’d dismiss them as an attention-mongering freak. But Gaga has real talent, takes the high road whenever the aging and hostile-about-it Madonna takes a jab, and now she’s on a crusade to reshape our body image issues…

Lady GagaGaga’s a fatso?

Back in early September, we started reading headlines about Lady Gaga being “fat,” to which all the normal people in the country responded with a united, “Are you f***ing kidding me?” This little slip of a thing, who looked incredible in her music videos (but at the same time about 20 pounds underweight), was freaking out her loved ones with her slim figure. Sir Elton John expressed his concern and said that when he visited with Mama and Papa Gaga, they were also worried.

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Daddy to the rescue!

So what did Papa Gaga do? He opened up a killer Italian restaurant, perhaps to fatten up his baby Gaga. LG has admitted to gaining about 25 pounds, thanks to Daddy’s rich Italian food. She also says she could care less and that she has to diet and bulk up her muscles so much when she’s on tour, which she doesn’t really like. Pass the lasagna. And keep it coming.

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Kiss my fat a**!

Of course our lean queen took it to an exciting new level when she posted pictures of her “heavy” self on her website, Gaga is inspiring what she calls a “Body Revolution,” admitting that she has struggled with anorexia and bulimia since she was 15. She’s encouraging fans to post their own flawed photos in an attempt “to inspire some bravery and breed some motherf***ing compassion.”

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Little monster love-fest

Naturally, I registered and found a provocative Pinterest-like social site where all walks of life participate. I found images of women with enviable figures who thought they were flawed or fat. I found pictures of heavier women who had the bravery to display themselves in a public forum. Men with body image issues had a surprising presence on the site. People with scare, disease and other malformations and maladies have found a home at

Long live The Gaga

And now we have just one more reason to love The Gaga. Americans are watching commercials featuring Coco Rocha (who appears to be 6’6” tall and looks like she tops out the scale at about 75 pounds) while reaching for a mushroom and Swiss burger. How else do you explain our society’s fascination and preoccupation with being skinny while obesity has become an epidemic in the United States?

It must be the psychological equivalent of telling a teenage girl she can’t see her boyfriend anymore and she comes home two months later in a family way — and forbidden boyfriend is the baby daddy. You cram images of incredibly skinny people down a society’s throat, and what do they do? Reach for a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. Of course, that’s just one theory. Hopefully outlets like Gaga’s will help us reach some sort of rational middle ground when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight and body image.

Weigh in. What do you think about Gaga’s weight gain, her Body Revolution campaign and our culture’s fixation on being thin while many are fat?

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