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Music review: Neon Hitch — “Love You Better

This is one gorgeous redhead that you need to remember. In her single, “Love You Better,” she addresses the age-old catfight between the “ex” versus the “new girl.”

Neon Hitch at Wango TangoNo, Ke$ha didn’t get a face transplant, because even then, we would be left with her glittery, sloppy body.

This is Neon Hitch, who recently collaborated on Gym Class Heroes’ hit, “@$$ Back Home.” With a similar overt-sexuality, Neon could be compared to Ke$sha (and she has because she helped write Blah Blah Blah”), but they are night and day even in that sub-category.

Even though it should be impossible, have you ever dated a guy who moved on? Well, this is your next anthem (or maybe M.I.A.’s Bad Girls is?).

With a revised radio-friendly version of the original “F U Better,” the renamed “Love U Better” was released. This version isn’t as harsh or vulgar (clearly) because it isn’t as blatant, but the suggestion is there. Exes need not ever feel insecure, because the message is strong: “She can love you good/But I can love you better.”

Her trippy, seductive voice sounds vengeful when she first talks about the new girl “creeping” into his life. I love homewreckers, don’t you? They make the best inspiration for music, books, Lifetime movies… murder, but I digress. But then her dynamic voices transitions into sass then innocent purr as the song goes on.

Her website reveals Benny Blanco is the fierce and highly successful songwriter and producer behind this mesmerizing track. And if you thought that maybe he inspired her wild performance in the above video, you have another thought coming.

Neon Hitch grew up as a trapeze artist and street performer. Between her soft purrs and feisty exclamations, you will realize her music is multidimensional. The music is upbeat and enticing, and so is her voice. The lyrics are wild, as is her performance.

This is definitely an in-your-face radio hit. You won’t want to sip a glass of wine when listening, you may want to break the whole bottle over an old picture frame (you know, that one that still has your ex’s picture in it that we all know you still shouldn’t have).

You just may go a little crazy, but not Karmin crazy. Almost guaranteed, this is the song you need to hear if you have been hurting over a past relationship (well, next thing to Beyoncé‘s Best Thing I Never Had”). Hit play. Next stop, empowerment.

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