Is Paula Abdul returning to TV?

The singer and former American Idol host has hinted about a return to TV, but with all her other projects, where would she find the time?

Paula Abdul started her career Paula Abdulin the world of dance, then transitioned to music, and it seemed she would end her career on TV when she was added to the judging table of American Idol. But things don’t always turn out the way we plan, and she eventually left that show. The singer has also been on other shows, such as The X Factor, and even had her own reality show, Hey Paula.

Many want to know if she will ever return to the world of TV. Abdul spoke with Yahoo!’s omg! about the possibility.

“I’ve been approached about several exciting projects, and I’ve narrowed it down to a few gems that really stood out to me,” she said, according to omg!. “Stay tuned.”

Abdul started out as a cheerleader with the Los Angeles Lakers, then became a choreographer, and eventually morphed into a 1980s pop icon. The singer is still very proud of that career.

“I have such fond memories of all the hits I’ve recorded because they each represented a different experience in my life,” she told omg! “Music and dance have always been a part of my life. I had a chance to perform this past July in St. Petersburg, Russia. I had a great time, and I’m entertaining the possibility of doing more dates.”

And in case she doesn’t have enough on her plate, she’s learned a new hobby. Abdul has been making jewelry, something she learned back when she was dancing.

“As a little girl I was so enchanted with dancing, and with the jewelry and costumes that go along with performing,” she said. “I guess it’s no wonder that jewelry is such a passion of mine. Seeing a spotlight catch the sparkle of a necklace, or even the subtlety of dainty buttons and brooches… that was just magical to me.”

Abdul’s Forever Collection will be available in November from Avon. But will we see her on TV soon? Only time can tell, but it’s bound to happen sooner or later.

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