Emmys red carpet recap: Tom Hanks tries to hire SheKnows

From A-list celebrities whipping out wads of cash to people literally passing out from the heat, this year’s Emmys red carpet was out of control. Find out everything that went down off camera in our behind-the-scenes report.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, 2012 Emmy Awards

I don’t know what he thought we were selling, but Tom Hanks was buying tonight as he handed me a $20 bill on the 2012 Emmy Awards red carpet.

Tom Hanks giving SheKnows a $20

Naturally, I assumed it was because he liked my outfit, but it could also have been a consolation for cutting our interview short to head over to the photo line.

I forgave him… and I gave the $20 back.

Watch our Awkward Encounter

Tom Hanks Emmy Awards interview
Tom Hanks gives SheKnows $20 on the red carpet at the 2012 Emmy Awards.

Tom and wife Rita Wilson were just two of the many A-list celebrities who were bottlenecked at the end of the carpet, trying to take their picture quickly, and get into the Nokia theater. Kevin Costner, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and Julianne Moore were also in the dog pile that inevitably happens minutes before the show begins.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, 2012 Emmys

But if you think that situation sounds crazy, you have no idea. This year’s Emmys red carpet was not only wild, it was dangerous!

It was reportedly the hottest Emmys in years, and I personally witnessed three different women pass out because of the heat (making Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Kimmel’s joke on stage later in the night pretty poorly timed).

One of the women was wheeled out on a stretcher, and another had to rest on the steps of ABC’s interview platform as host Chris Harrison and The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki looked on in horror.

Luckily, she was all right, and Harrison could resume his interviews and later inform SheKnows that Sean Lowe is officially the next Bachelor. We’re so excited!

Even the celebs, who usually get special treatment, were out sweating with the rest of us today. Actresses and actors alike were desperately dabbing their faces with the blotting paper being feverishly shoved at them by their publicists.

Hayden Panettiere, 2012 Emmys

Nashville star Hayden Panettiere had a little fun with hers, sticking the paper to her sweaty face and leaving it there as she chatted up co-star Connie Britton. Sofia Vergara fought the heat by reapplying makeup before her photo op, and SK Girl Crush Giuliana Rancic — who was stationed right next to us — had a fan at her disposal.

Giuliana Rancic

After the carpet, we caught up with G to see how her first day back on the job went since welcoming baby Edward Duke.

Giuliana told us she was happy to be back but, for the first time ever, was actually counting the minutes until the show was over and she could return to her happy little family.

As for me, lacking both blotting papers and a fan, I was a sweaty mess. Somehow I managed to still get some SK shout-outs from Ricky Gervais, Veep star Julia Louis-DreyfusGirls newcomer Allison Williams and a slew of other stars. I also managed to convince a few of them to compete in our very own SheKnows awards!

Stay tuned to see Julianne Hough‘s fake cry, Ariel Winter‘s Sofia Vergara impression and Mayim Bialik‘s best shocked face.

Now I’ve gotta go. I got after-parties to hit!

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