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26 Pop Songs Little Kids (& Parents) Can Dance to


18. “Brave” — Sara Bareilles

An inspiring and catchy hit, and as you watch your kiddos learn the words and start to sing along, at least you’ll know they’re getting a great message out of the song.

17. “Call Me Maybe” — Carly Rae Jepsen

Admittedly, this song can be kind of annoying, but for some reason, Carly Rae Jepsen is like wholesome catnip for kids. Her 2012 smash hit is one that you might get secretly addicted to after you’ve heard it about a hundred times.

16. “Hey, Soul Sister” — Train

Leave it to Train to drop a feel-good hit that both parents and kids can enjoy without any guilt. This 2009 tune is poppy and upbeat with just a touch of romance that doesn’t take it too far. However, if your kids listen closely, you may have to explain “virgin Madonna” and chalk it up as your history lesson for the day.

15. “Roar” — Katy Perry

This one might require some interpretive dance, but we’re pretty sure that will only make your dance party all the better. Not all of Katy Perry’s songs are kid-appropriate, but you’re golden with this jam.

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