Green Day trash-talks Justin Bieber at iHeartRadio

Sep 22, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. ET

It appears Green Day may have lost it last night, when they blamed the festival's timing on Justin Bieber. The band got upset when they weren't allowed to play their last song.

Green Day

With such a diverse lineup at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, there are bound to be different personalities. Green Day, a punk band who have been on the national scene for almost 20 years, seems to have less and less tolerance for newcomers — and even less tolerance for the event planners.

The band started playing their song "Basket Case," a classic from their album Dookie, when apparently someone from backstage told lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong that he had one minute left. And that's when the music industry veteran lost it.

"I'm going to play a f---ing new song," he said, according to MTV. "F--- this sh--. Gimme a f---ing break. One minute left. One minute f---ing left. You're going to give me one minute."

Then he kept going and started blaming someone who wasn't even there.

"I'm not f---ing Justin Bieber, you mother----ers. You've got to be f---ing joking. I got one minute. One minute left. Now I got nothing left," he said.

It's not clear if Armstrong was talking about Bieber's short songs or pre-planned sets or something else. Maybe he was talking about Bieber's ability to follow directions.

The band began to trash their instruments on stage before walking off without finishing "Basket Case" or playing the new song. Green Day may have felt out of their element at a festival largely filled with a pop lineup, and according to a YouTube video of the incident, their set was cut from 45 minutes to 25 to allow Usher more time to perform, but that has not been confirmed.

But, lesson learned: Green Day is not Justin Bieber. What else will the festival teach us? We may find out more tonight on night two of iHeartRadio, with performances by the likes of Aerosmith, Pink, Mary J. Blige and Taylor Swift.

Photo courtesy Judy Eddy/