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Anne Hathaway will walk down the aisle in Valentino

We’ve been wondering whether Anne Hathaway’s wedding dress could possibly top her usual outfits. Now, Valentino has something to say about that!

Anne Hathaway

In just a few short years, Anne Hathaway has gone from awkward teenager to fashion icon. She is someone people watch at awards shows because of her classic style. So when she announced she was getting married, people wondered what she would be wearing on the most special day of her life.

But as it turns out, the designer of her wedding dress announced the choice before the actress had a chance to. “Speaking to reporters at the New York City Ballet Fall Gala on Thursday night, the iconic designer revealed that he ‘did the dress’ for Hathaway’s upcoming nuptials to fiance Adam Shulman,” said People. “He added that the two are extremely close. ‘She’s a very good friend of mine,’ he shared. ‘She’s like my daughter!'”

So who is the designer who gave away the secret? It is none other than Valentino Garavani. There has been talk he would design her dress, but until he made the statement, no one knew for sure. And Hathaway is no stranger to Valentino; she wears his designs on a regular basis. The latest of those she wore at the Fall Gala, which Valentino also attended. Hathaway also wore a Valentino gown to the 2011 Oscars, which she co-hosted.

The designer spoke about Hathaway back in December, giving away hints that he might be the designer of her dress. “I am so happy for Anne. And I would do my best creation for her,” Valentino told People. “She’s a lovely person. She wears the clothes very, very well. So I would do something special.”

But there is still no word on what Hathaway’s wedding dress might look like, and it’s very possible we won’t know until after the wedding is over. Hathaway and Shulman have been together since 2008, shortly after Hathaway broke up with boyfriend Raffaello Follieri after he pled guilty to multiple crimes.

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