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Jennifer Aniston, pregnant again? Ads that make us giggle

The biggest advantage to having a DVR — outside of being able to record your favorite shows — is fast-forwarding through the commercials. And ad execs and marketing gurus know it. That’s why these crafty folks are rolling up their sleeves and producing television commercials we actually want to see, even if they’ve been recorded. Here are a few examples:

Jennifer AnistonSmartwater

How do you kill pregnancy rumors that won’t die? By starring in a commercial where you are obviously pregnant — with triplets no less. Smartwater took what we all envision a day in the life of Jennifer Aniston to be — driving fast cars, working out, swimming in her pool, parenting her undisclosed children — and put their own unique spin on it. Smart? Water? Indeed.

No carb queens

So those of us indulging in a little trash TV this week (okay, you caught me) about fell off the bed and spit our mouthful of ice cream across the room when we saw this. This commercial follows a diet-crazed woman around, who has figured out she can maintain her weight without being in a full-on rage. So what’s the best ad line we’ve heard in a long time? “For years I thought I hated children’s laughter. I had no idea… I was just hungry.”

Long day of childhood

We can’t in good conscience compose a list of recent humorous commercials without giving Ragu a shout-out. The first couple of “How to get kids to eat dinner” commercials were kind of cute, but then Ragu hit the jackpot with their “Long day of childhood” series. This little gem brings us our second-favorite quote: “Just to re-cap, you put spit on his face.” Oh, this takes us right back to when Grandma used to dip her napkin in her ice water and smear it all over our face in a restaurant, and there wasn’t anything we could do about it because it was Grandma. Enjoy this trip down memory lane…

And finally, the woefully inappropriate

And now a word from our classic/“that-ain’t-right” department. This commercial is an oldie but a goodie. Who among us child-having folk haven’t had a kid experience a complete Stage 5 meltdown, and on such occasions the “what was I thinking” thing darts through our head. Or worse, we hear the annoying echo of our mother’s ongoing taunt: “Just wait until you have kids and they make your life a living hell.” Of course most of us who have been in this situation just look at our offspring and say, “That’s the last time I bring the neighbor kid to the store!”

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