Editor’s video pick: Karmin’s “I Told You So

Thanks to the female lead in the duo Karmin, female rappers no longer have to fit the established stereotypes. Rap is a hard genre to transition into for females. The few females who have become mainstream tend to overcompensate (yes, I mean Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj).

Karmin on stage

With adorable sass bursting from their seams/straightjacket, the duo Karmin is like a breath of fresh air, engaging both to listen to and to watch. An engaged couple are the dynamic musical masterminds behind this jam, and the aforementioned fire-throwing wordsmith is lead lyricist Amy Heidemann. The duo signed to Epic Records, and I must say Amy’s rhymes rival those of Twista, who has had no competition in terms of speed and delivery to date. You have to actually watch this video to believe Heidemann’s classy yet ruthless rendition.

Proving you don’t have to curse profusely or delve into vulgarity to make a point, Heidemann shows off her versatility. With a predictable asylum theme, the Karmin video for “I Told You So” is still an intriguing video. Many of us, myself included, heard of Karmin as a YouTube sensation. I figured they were going to stay that way. Many amateur artists try to go mainstream and don’t do as well as Justin Bieber (case in point, Esmee Denters). Unbeknown to me, here Karmin drops this song and subsequent video, and I am forced to give them props.

It is hard to not refer to Karmin as “she” (Amy), because it’s obvious who outshines the other. That groupie you thought was hanging off her in the video is supposed to be the partner in this “duo”? The fiance, Nick Noonan, sounds a little “Vanilla Ice: Post Ice Ice Baby” (tired and trying too hard). It’s Amy who makes this video. This fearless and fiesty female rapper will be the ticket to future recognition. According to their record label, they’ve already been named MTV’s Artist of the Week. Featured on MTV you say? That’s great progress—as long as Amy is the face that’s featured and her fiance/entourage stays somewhere in the background.

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