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NHL fans parody Taylor Swift to vent frustrations

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and for some NHL fans, a music video parody has helped them vent their frustrations over the lockout.

Taylor Swift should have known when she came out with such a pop hit that it would be remade over and over again. The latest people-with-a-cause to borrow her thoughts are fans of the NHL.

Earlier this week, the league announced it couldn’t come to terms with the players, and the season was cancelled. NHL fans worldwide now have plenty of free time on their hands, and watching a video made by like-minded people who share their thoughts and current frustrations seems to be as good a way to spend that time as any.

According to the Bleacher Report, a sports website, the video was first spotted by the Huffington Post and has been making the rounds. The video uses Taylor Swift‘s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and turns it into an ode to hockey called “Are You Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together?” The woman in the video takes a Don Cherry bobblehead doll out to a bar, but after dancing with him for a little while she spends the rest of the evening drowning her sorrows (Cherry is a Canadian hockey commentator and a former player and coach in the league). The girl in the video is sporting an Edmonton Oilers jersey, and her room is lined with photos of different players.

“The fan — who makes a few Winnipeg Jets references despite sporting an Edmonton Oilers jersey — tried to capture the sentiment of the love/hate relationship between fans and the NHL,” said the Huffington Post. The video also features a man comparing the lockout to another recent famous breakup. “This is so RPattz and KStew all over again,” he says.

Despite the similarities to the Swift song, the demeanors of the two girls in the two videos are quite different. Taylor Swift uses the song to show how strong she is and how happy she is to be moving on, but the girl in the hockey video ends up crying and eating ice cream.

So even though the hockey lockout is a major bummer to many, it’s the kind of situation that can bring a surprising amount of talent out of people. And in this case, the video is a pretty clever one.

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