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Watch The Doctors squirm as man swallows sword & worse

Sword swallowing and a drill through the nose? CBSThe Doctors cringed as Guinness World Record holders took to the stage for an episode set to air Friday.

The Doctors have gone to great lengths to turn up people capable of extraordinary feats, watch them perform and then find out how the heck what they do is even possible. Turning to a group of Guinness World Record holders for a display of jaw-dropping and bizarre abilities had both the audience and the scrubs-clad stars squirming!

Seen above in a promo clip for The Doctors‘ “Health Secrets of Guinness World Record Holders” episode is four-time record holder Brad Byers. Known as “The Human Toolbox,” this guy can swallow 10 flat swords at a time without keeling over.

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After letting Byers display his talents on stage (forget sword swallowing — who puts a hook through his nose and swings an anchor from it?!), CBS follows up with some investigative work for us curious folk. In the Doctors show set to air Friday, co-host Dr. Andrew Ordon is seen placing a scope down Mr. Toolbox’s throat and nose to expose whether or not years of sword swallowing and driving nails into his nasal passages have caused any permanent damage.

Four-time “Strongwoman” competition winner Kristin Rhodes also appears on the episode, along with a woman who claims to have had more than 80,000 orgasms.

“O” my. Now that’s talent worth tuning in to The Doctors for on Friday!

Image and video courtesy of CBS Television Distribution / Stage 29 Productions LLC

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