Emmy night: You decide who wins the SheKnows awards!

Why should the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences have all the fun? The Emmys are entertaining to watch, but they are a spectator sport. We never get a say in who wins what — until now. SheKnows is taking it to the streets (okay, the red carpet) on Emmy night, Sunday, Sept. 23, to ask celebs to render a few on-the-spot performances. We’ll upload the video and you vote on your favorite! Here are the categories:

emmy statueBest shocked/surprised winning face

You can bet many celebs who are gliding across the red carpet on Emmy night have sat in front of the mirror since they heard their nomination, practicing their look of utter shock when their name is called. Expect this to be a tight race.

Best fake cry

We’ve all seen acceptance speeches that go a little something like this: “I’d like to thank (sniff, sniff) my parents (sniff, sniff), God (sniff, sniff), my fifth grade teacher (sniff, sniff), the neighbor’s dog (sniff, sniff), my ridiculously hot boyfriend (sniff, sniff)…” You get the idea. These drama kings and queens should be very adept at quickly whipping up a batch of tears.

Best pick-up line

This could be a real learning opportunity for our single viewers out there. If you’ve ever wondered how you pick up someone like Sofia Vergara, tune in. And speaking of one of the hottest women on television…

Best Sofia Vergara impersonation

Celebrities will likely be anxious and stressed on the red carpet. By allowing them an opportunity to give their best Sofia Vergara impersonation, we are bringing a little levity to the situation and nothing is more relaxing than a good laugh. So what do you think? Will this award go to a male or female?

Best obnoxious acceptance speech

Oooooh, now the fun really begins. Let’s be honest — most acceptance speeches are obnoxious. The Emmy red carpet royalty could take this in several directions. They could try to further their own political agenda, tell a super-lame sob story that no one can relate to or cares about, or they could prattle on endlessly with a laundry list of names we’ve never heard until our ears bleed. We can’t wait!!

By the way, don’t miss a thing!

We will be on the red carpet talking to all your favorite celebrities, before and after the show. So, be sure to check out SheKnows Goes to the Shows throughout the night on Sunday, Sept. 23 to hear what the stars have to say about their competition, see what they’re wearing, and more!

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