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Despite controversy, Eastwood may just come out on top

Despite the interesting month Clint Eastwood has had, his fans may still put his new movie Trouble With the Curve on top this weekend.

Clint EastwoodClint Eastwood has had quite the interesting month. It started with the Republican National Convention’s exciting news that they had snagged him as a speaker. But the event didn’t go quite as planned and left many wondering why he thought talking to an empty chair would be a good idea. The actor followed that up throughout September by talking about critics, Republicans and gay marriage.

But Eastwood has a new movie out Friday, leaving many wondering if his interesting month will affect his box office sales.

“Eastwood, 82, used to performing multiple duties, handed the directing reins to someone else for the first time in 20 years for Trouble with the Curve,” said Zorianna Kit with Reuters. “He plays a baseball scout with failing eyesight who has a fractured relationship with his strong-willed attorney daughter, played by Amy Adams.”

But despite everything that has happened, movie fans may just demonstrate that a good movie trumps the personal issues of any of its actors. According to Kit, pre-sale ticket sales for the movie are among the top five on Kit also said that has the film listed as the possible top winner this weekend, competing only with House at the End of the Street.

“Clint has the ability to surprise,” editor Phil Contrino told Kit. “Gran Torino, the last film he starred in, shocked everyone with what it did at the box office. His audience is mostly conservative anyway, so I don’t think his chair speech at the RNC is going to hurt ticket sales. If anything, it will help him because more people are talking about him.”

The other films Trouble with the Curve will be competing with this weekend include Dredd 3D and End of Watch. The Master will also spread to more theaters this weekend.

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