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A Jimmy Kimmel prank? On your toes, Emmy viewers!

Jimmy Kimmel’s got a prank up his sleeve! The 2012 host of the small-screen awards hasn’t said what exactly will go down — but it’ll be big!

Jimmy Kimmel

When Jimmy Kimmel was asked to take on hosting duties at the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards, producers ought to have known they had a prankster on their hands.

Yes, the man who has made children cry with fake lie-detector tests and tales of parents eating all of their Halloween candy is up to his old tricks, though planning for the Emmy prank is reaching epic proportions!

Confriming a rumored Jimmy Kimmel prank is indeed the works, the 2012 Emmy host told Access Hollywood Wednesday, “I can’t really say what it’s gonna be, but it will be a big deal.”

“That’s all I’ll say,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host added, before letting one last major bit slip out: “There will be a lot of people involved in it.”

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Touting the big prank in a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, the host divulged a bit more info.

“I am gonna do something very weird during the show. I think it could possibly be the biggest prank ever pulled, as far as number of people involved. Possibly. I haven’t researched it, but it’ll definitely be right up there. The audience will be a participant in this. So it’s important that you watch, because you’re either going to be in on it or not.”

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Commenting on being grateful for having been given the honor of hosting, the 44-year-old father of two went on to explain, “It’s funny, I grew up and I didn’t have a television set, and now, I said [to my kids], ‘Are you going to watch me on the Emmys?’ — they’re in college — and they said, ‘We don’t have a TV set.’ They watch everything on their computer now. We’ve really come full circle!”

Any guesses about what Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmy Awards prank will be? Do tell!

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