Lively and Reynolds’ wedding didn’t mean they were married

Lively and Reynolds’ wedding was big news on Sept. 9. But it turns out, the couple was not actually married that day.

Blake Lively

Sept. 9, for many, will always be known as the day that Ryan Reynolds went off the market. But it turns out Reynolds and Blake Lively weren’t actually married that day, even though Sept. 9 was the date the couple held their ceremony at an old plantation in Charleston, South Carolina.

According to Perez Hilton, the couple didn’t even officially file for their wedding license until Sept. 13. And, because processing those licenses takes 24 hours in South Carolina, Lively and Reynolds were not married (officially) until Sept. 14.

So how could the couple miss such a big detail? Chances are good that it wasn’t an accident. Hilton said because they wanted to keep the wedding private, they couldn’t risk the chance of filing for the license before their ceremony.

“And they succeeded!! Even the cake baker had no idea what was going on,” said Hilton. “They just thought it was a normal client order.”

Many other people in attendance also either didn’t know they were going to a wedding or were told to keep it confidential.

“Oh and the lil kids who sung at their ceremony?? Their parents were made to sign nondisclosure agreements before they could participate,” Hilton continued. “But now they have bragging rights that we’re sure are already on countless bumper stickers.”

Florence Welch + the Machine and Better Midler, who also performed at the ceremony, have not mentioned nondisclosure agreements, but it wouldn’t have been too out of the ordinary to have them sign one also.

Ryan Reynolds is a regular visitor to Charleston, and when he started dating Lively, he brought her there often. Residents seem to appreciate Reynold and Lively’s love of their city so much that even if they had known, they might have protected the couple as their own.

For many of us whose hearts were broken Sept. 9, it looks like we legally still had a chance for another five days. If only we had known.

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